Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Car rental companies

5.1 - Excess refund
Accident, theft, fire, broken glass

In case of accident, theft, fire or broken glass : excess refund . The amount is the one stated on particular terms of the policyholder’s car insurance contract.

5.2 - Operating loss indemnity
Accident, theft, fire, broken glass

In case of the immobilisation of the vehicle following theft, fire or accident : payment of a daily indemnity covering the lack of revenues of the client for the immobilisation period.

... but also, as examples, for other business sectors ...

Credit & debit cards / Loyalty cards - « Happy event » bonus
Birth of a child

In case of a new birth: allowance of 100 to 500 euros credit on the payment/debit/loyalty card.

Wholesale brokers - Loyalty bonus
Accident, theft, fire

In case of total loss of the vehicle following a theft, fire or faultless accident with an identified third party : payment of a loyalty bonus (from 200 to 600 euros) if the policyholder subscribes for the new vehicle with the same insurer.