Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Avantages, in short

Custom made affinity insurance

Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Avantages is a brokerage and management insurance company founded in 1997 and based in Monaco.
At the end of 2017, the BURRUS Group and its main subsidiary DIOT took control. Operating as a wholesale broker, Avantages designs and manages affinity insurance contracts which are distributed by a network of 750 insurance intermediaries and opticians, and offered in white label solutions to French and foreign major accounts (Italy, Spain…).

Founded with the main aim of guaranteeing the insured motorist a peace of mind in case of damage, Avantages became the European leader in excess refund thanks to successfull partnerships with major French and European car manufacturers.
Historically only dedicated to the insurance business and specialised in supplementary insurance guarantees, Avantages progressively diversified its activity in order to offer unique solutions which increase customer loyalty.

Creativity and flexibility are the main assets of Avantages

Listening to its partners’ needs, our commercial team designs insurance guarantees which bring them efficient added-value and customer loyalty.

Two tailor made contracts formulas

  • White label solutions dedicated to major accounts complete their offerings. They provide competitive advantages, enhance customer loyalty and increase their revenues. Commercialised as such or as an inclusion, they also may be constitutive of temporary commercial operations.
  • Avantages labelled solutions, dedicated to insurance intermediaries, car dealers and car rental companies (deductible buyback, mechanical breakdown, loyalty bonus, better insurance offer ...) are designed to face policyholders’ needs which were left with no response. They complete their offer and increase their revenues without adding management and administrative burden on their shoulders.

Avantages’ commitments : added-value, loyalty enhancement and quality of service

Each solution is conceived to respond to a specific need of a partner.

Avantages provides an all-in-one package of services : custom-made design of an insurance product, fair pricing methods, risks placement within an insurance company portfolio, customer relationship management, claims management, technical and commercial reporting, financial flows distribution, operational marketing etc.