Avantages affinity insurance contracts


Constantly evoluting creativity

July 1997

Creation of the “société anonyme monégasque » by its founders : Jean-Pierre Jelmoni, Stéphane Jelmoni and Arvin Khachik.
Commercial launch of the first contract named « Avantages Plus », which covered automobile risks with providing courtesy cars and excess amount refund.
Risks placement within « l’Union Européenne d’Assurance », a subsidiary of Muracef-Caisses d’Epargne.

July 1998

Partnership with Gras Savoye, top-ranked French broker, and inclusion of the new « Avantages Auto » contract in their company vehicles fleets.

April 2000

Gras Savoye, obtaining the exclusivity for distributing Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Daihatsu car insurance through car dealers, includes automatically our insurance guarantees in their global car insurance offer.

April 2002

Credipar, the financing subsidiary of the Peugeot-Citröen group, includes an excess amount refund guarantee in their loans to private customers.

September 2002

Launch of the « Avantages Cat-Nat » contract which covers policyholders in case of natural disaster, offering supplementary compensations for immaterial damages coverage.

July 2004

Launch of the new « Avantages Loyalty » contract dedicated to specific brokers and covering the total loss of a vehicle. The contract provides payment of a compensation indemnity and of a loyalty bonus if the insurance contract subscription for the new vehicle is done with the same broker.

October 2004

« Avantages Prestige » targets high-range cars and is distributed by a 500 insurance dealers network in France.
The total portfolio of the company reaches 100.000 policyholders.

January 2005

BMW decides to offer to its customers an excess refund contract for 1 year in case of a new vehicle purchase.
Change of insurance company and risk placement within Covea Fleet, member of the MMA Group.

June 2005

PSA Finance Spain, launches a new Avantages contract similar to the one offered by Credipar in France.

August 2005

Ford launches its new Mondeo and offers to its clients an excess refund contract for 2 years.

November 2005

Diac, the financing division of Group Renault-Nissan-Dacia, includes in its « financial loss » insurance an excess refund contract designed by Avantages.

March 2006

Avantages designs a new contract dedicated to a large car rental network : Ucar, Utop Opel-Saab Rent. It covers car accidents and broken glasses.

January 2007

Launch of the « Avantages Polaris » contract designed as a policyholders’ loyalty tool for quad owners, in case of total loss.

February 2008

Ford Credit France, includes in its « financial loss » insurance an excess refund contract designed by Avantages.

January 2009

RCI Italie, the Italian branch ofDiac, the financing division of Groupe Renault-Nissan, launches a new contract, included in credits, covering repair costs in case of an at-fault accident. The total portfolio of the company reaches 500.000 policyholders.

January 2010

Avantages designs a new contract, included in health, car or house insurance, which exempts the policyholder from paying its insurance premium for 12 months in case of dismissal, bankruptcy or long-term sick leave.

November 2011

Launch of « Franchise+ », a 100% excess refund contract dedicated to insurance intermediaries.

January 2012

Launch of the « Avantages Plus » contract in Martinique and La Réunion.

July 2012

Avantages designs for « camping-cars » rental agencies an excess refund coverage.

September 2012

New partnership with RCI Banque and Gras Savoye in Poland and Romania, with a contract dedicated to Group Renault-Nissan-Dacia customers.

November 2012

Successful partnerships in the French overseas departments: less than 1 year after the launch of 2 new contracts in Martinique and in La Reunion, the number of cars insured has exceeded 10,000.

March 2013

« Avantages Moto » which covers excess amount refund for 2 or 3 wheels vehicles (over 49 cm3), is distributed by our partners (insurance intermediaries).

April 2013

Partnership with the website www.OuiCar.fr (website for car rental between individuals): the car renter can now subscribe to a guarantee for « excess refund » in order to secure the rent in the event of an at-fault accident, theft and fire.

July 2013

A 2nd partnership in the car rental between individuals with the website www.UneVoitureAlouer.com.

September 2013

New option in the Serenity Package by AssurOne/Netvox: possibility to subscribe for an « excess refund » in case of at-fault accident. The limit of compensation is fixed by the excess stated on the car insurance contract.

January 2014

« Financial Security » for the « Energie Forme » fitness clubs network, allowing them to cover the loss linked to their clients’ 2/3 months notice. The total number of Avantages managed contracts reaches 700.000.

March 2014

Creation of the « Avantages Mobility » contract, which is distributed by brokers in their Home or Health Insurance contracts. In case of move of the insured individuals, the contract reimburses the loss linked to sports and cultural subscription fees.

April 2014

Launch of « Avantages Quad » which covers the total loss of the vehicle and offers a supplementary cash amount.

October 2014

Innovative partnership with La Mutuelle Communale for a health insurance contract proposed by the Municipality of Beziers exclusively to his residents. From a social point of view, it is a great contract that offers extended rights with the guarantee « Avantages Financial Support »: one year free subscription for the insured who lose his job due to economical reason, bankruptcy or serious disease contracted by himself or his partner.

November 2014

Avantages extends its « Avantages Financial Support» offer to supplemental health insurance for small businesses in line with the “ANI” reform, as well as to personal protection contracts.

January 2015

Auvray High Security, specialized in high security systems for bikes and motorbikes, launched a new traceable engraving service, in which they included a dedicated insurance coverage designed by Avantages : the excess amount refund in case of theft and the reimbursement of engraving costs.

February 2015

New partnerships with regional Private Health Insurance Companies (« Mutuelles ») to distribute « Avantages Financial Support ».

April 2015

Partnership with Verspieren, first familly-owned-capital insurance broker for 130 years, and launch of an excess amount refund contract wich is dedicated to individuals and covers at-fault car accidents, thefts or car fire.

October 2015

Avantages in association with Cirano designed the « Security Pack » that includes several guarantees for second-hand cars: excess refund, loan interest refund, maintenance invoices reimbursement, damaged or stolen keys coverage, misfueling, courtesy car and flat tire. This option allows to secure the capital in case of damages.

July 2016

Online subscription to the excess refund guarantee for cars and motorcycles (under white label) through the website www.rachat-franchise.net dedicated to selected partners. The back office is automatically managed (issuing of the contract, premium payment, etc…) in order to provide the broker with a turnkey tool that facilitates the communication with his customers and potential clients.

September 2016

Partnership with the broker ECA Assurances for the marketing of « Bon plan Ressources » to his business partners network. The assistance in the event of illness, accident, hospitalization or death is covered by the contract « Avantages Financial Support ». The number of contract managed in portfolio reached 900,000 policyholders.

January 2017

Launch of the contract « Avantages Auvray Vélos » in order to ensure bicycles against theft with assault and burglary. It is a minimum 12 months contract distributed by the bicycle dealers along with the engraving and marking of the bike by Auvray High Security. Evolution of the compensation cap from € 1,000 to € 1,500 without any premium increase with the contract « Avantages Health Financial Support ».