Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Commitments and values

Added-value, loyalty enhancement and quality of service

Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Our commitments

To our partners
  • Creativity, reactivity and flexibility
  • Speed and efficiency of our claims-management process
  • Fair pricing methods
  • Custom made and evolutive reporting
To the policyholders
  • Best value for money contracts and services
  • A multi-canal platform which provides effective answers
  • Claims settlement within 24 hours

Our values

Built on a trust-based relationship with our partners, each of our contracts is both :

  • An economically sustainable solution and a source of profits for our partners
  • A tool for loyalty enhancement

Everything is implemented for maximal satisfaction :

  • High quality of service with qualified, efficient and available staff
  • Continuous and evolutive follow-up of the activity
  • Comprehensive and transparent reporting
  • Regularly assessed timeliness of our claims-management processes