Avantages affinity insurance contracts


11.1 - Excess refund for 15 days after fuel purchase
Accident, theft, fire, broken glass

In case of accident, theft, fire or broken glass after a fuel purchase (min 30 litres) in any fuel station of the company : excess refund à la suite du sinistre. The excess amount is the one stated on particular terms of the policyholder’s car insurance contract.

11.2 - Refund of maintenance and accessories costs
Total loss of a vehicle

In case of total loss of the vehicle following a theft, fire or faultless accident with an identified third party : refund of maintenance and accessories expenses spent in any dealer of the network for the last 12 months.

11.3 - Loyalty bonus after a change of residence
Change of residence

In case of a change of residence (over 50 km): monthly allowance of a 50 euros voucher for 6 months.

11.4 - « Happy event » bonus
Birth of a child

In case of a new birth: allowance of 100 to 500 euros vouchers for any purchase related to the birth in the parnter’s stores.

11.5 - Financial support following a loss of income
Loss of income

In case of redundancy, long duration disease, or bankruptcy/insolvency (impacting the user/client): monthly allowance of a 50 euros voucher for 12 months, for any purchase in the partner stores (excepted fuel and books).