Avantages affinity insurance contracts

Public parkings

8.1 - « Theft/vandalism » excess refund and parking expenses refund
Theft, attempted theft, intrusion

In case of theft, attempted theft or vandalism of the covered vehicle in the parking : excess refund and parking costs refund. The excess amount is the one stated on particular terms of the policyholder’s car insurance contract.

8.2 - Refund of parking costs
Cessation of work

In case of cessation of work (more than 30 days) of the user following a disease or accident: prorata-temporis refund of the annual parking fee.

8.3 - Financial support following a loss of income
Loss of income

In case of redundancy, long duration disease, or bankruptcy/insolvency (impacting the user/client): prorata-temporis refund of the annual parking fee.

... but also, as examples, for other business sectors ...

Car manufacturers / Automotive finance companies - Payment of a daily indemnity
Cessation of work

In the event that the driver must take sick leave after a car accident: payment of a daily indemnity up to a maximum of 3 days. This allowance compensates loss of earnings (the non-taken in charge of the salary by the social services) during the first 3 days of the sick leave period.

Car manufacturers / Automotive finance companies - Loyalty bonus
Total loss of a vehicle

In case of total loss of the vehicle following a theft, fire or faultless accident with an identified third party : payment of a loyalty bonus (from 200 to 1.000 euros) if the policyholder purchases a new vehicle at the same dealer or subscribes a new credit at the same automotive finance company, etc.